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Hi There Ladies and Gentlemen! May your days always bring you the moments that make great memories and a reasons to go on! The FixYaFace Inner Beauty/Outer Wellness Blogazine is elated by your viewing presence here at this space. You are truly welcomed to join in the with your contributions/ideas that encourage. Or just share in what is noted monthly, to replenish your own thoughts to persistence. Here's to better reasons that lead to the betterment of our spirit. New interviews of great people like yourself, new birthdays to announce, a healthy food of the month and terms that represent the goodness we already feel.

Here's to feeling loved, alive and passionate. Passionate about our next thought forming our next movement, unfolding into our next result! With struggles and detours to our joys presenting themselves when we least expect them, it is wonderful that you have the choice to think "NO! Not right now". Or at the very least you can feel "NO! Not like this". The power of NO is just as beautiful as YES. Your warm energy will prevail to bring the goodness you desire for getting thru the struggle. Pass the detour. Our faith and focus are meant to connect. The connection always builds the appropriate gracious movement. We prefer that. We think that. We speak that. We receive that.

As you prefer to smile today, most likely it will be the most genuine than any other before (as I believe smiles begins within.) No one can stop it. As you prefer to not be deterred by another person's perception of life, most likely you will live in your desired day anyway. As you prefer to walk to work instead of driving, most likely you will "be" in step of the forward movement with satisfaction. Whatever thought you consider to be preferred as worthy of your time, I congratulate you!! For it is always going to work:)

mile inside, first when challenges outside in the world arise. Smiling inside is destined to show on your actions, outlook and on your facial expressions. So by all means-have fun! Have faith! And FIX YA FACE!

Have a wonderful August! IT'S YOURS! See you soon.

-Marcella Precise

Exercises Of The Month:
1. Drink water
2. Think love, do lovable things
3. Have fresh vegetables



A BEAUTIFUL MIND welcomes to the interview chairs:


As we prefer to feel hope and to have movements in this lifetime towards our happiness, we may appreciate the presence of a high power guiding as well. Here's to having satisfying actions towards sevearl destinations. Destinations mapping out our lives as a worthy
Meet two Joyous Optimistic Unwavering Respectful Nice Energized
Youthful and beautiful women with positive outlooks that supports their grateful movements of this lifetime.
Please enjoy a glimpse of their journey thus far.

MARCELLA PRECISE'S FAVORITE FIND has a review of great item worth showcasing.

The BE MY GUEST has a informative site noted. As always we applaud efforts of anyone working with positive energy and actions.

SHE DID IT!! is where passionate, sincere and dedicated individuals across the world are honored. Send us an email about 1 you know. SEND US YOUR BIRTH DATE TO POST!



As per, August is National Eye Exam Month and Romance Awareness Month. In 2009, National Thriftshop Day Monday, August 17."
Saturday August 1, 2009

Casual Goodness Of Cashews

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The New Nut Of The Month is the Cashew. They say the cashew aides in minimizing several health issues. With the help of copper (maintain skin and nail health), oleic acid (health heart promoting), good source of magnese (aims to lower blood pressure and better bone health) and potentially the ability lower the risk of weight gain, cashew is a good choice to me. YOU should take inventory of your unique dietary needs to enhance your healthy methods of maintaining that enjoyable life of yours. Small additions can help to subtract the bigger worries.

Walnuts in the Mix:Cranberries, Papaya, Cashews, Almonds and Walnuts
I carry a mixture of dried fruits/nuts as a accessible snack.

(Please use your own personal discretion /caution if you are allergic, sensitive or unsure.)

************************************************************ right on time for your calming needs.
When you add a small drop to your bath it may proceed to a experience worthy of you being still, relaxing your thoughts and taking in the good energy being induced. To me, the Hazel & Lavender oils compliment the Lemon just enough to play well together with the intent of creating a mind soothing scent. If you try it, lets us know about it!

Please use your own personal discretion /caution if you are allergic, sensitive or unsure.



A Beautiful Mind welcomes


1. If there's a song that reflects your vibe, what would that song be? Do you meditate, pray or/and take time to mentally relax? If so, what part of the day? For how long?
A song that comes to mind is Exodus by Bob Marley. However I'm also inspired by artist like Roberta Flack, Bethoven. I enjoy Music that inspires, music that makes the hairs on my body stand on end moves me internally and or externally. If it does that while I'm listening to it or performing it then I like it.
I meditate daily or almost daily for 60 minutes maximum 30 minutes minimum. Usually in the am before I start my day. I set me alarm an hour early so that I can do it. Or at night before bed and if not either of those times then sometime in the day.

2.What early part of your life's journey prompted you to become an actress professionally?

I've been performing since the age of two-whether dancing, modeling, playing an instrument, performing etc. I did other things that were equally as rewarding in some way and found my way back to acting and that's when everything clicked and made sense that acting was to be the career of choice.
3. What new result (s) and/or positive occurrences are you most proud of so far?
Longevity in this business. Retention of my values and core beliefs. Constant Self discovery. The opporunity to work with folks like Leslie Uggams, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mariska Hargatay, Dominic West, Joel Schumacher, Chris Meloni, Jeff Blitz, Etc and on shows and films on cable primetime etc. Being able to set my goals and reach them as it pertains to projects/people I want to be involved with/work on.
4. With some of your successful experiences (such as receiving a Masters degree In Public Administration, performing in over 15 Theatre productions, co-starring in NBC's Law & Order: SVU and booking over 75 commercials) allowing you to connect with other purposeful people, what are some of your day to day activities?
Spending time with other artists simply connecting. Also with friends because I often don't get time to do that. My many entrepreuneral pursuits.
5. What do you do for fun? What new fun thing would you like to try?

Fun things that I do include going to the movies with friends & loved ones. Though I could make more time for fun things in my life.

I would love to go Speed boating in New Zealand
6. One thing on my Life List is to a
ttain my PHd and or learn 2-3 other languages.

7. What/Who keeps your grounded in this ever changing world?
My upbringing keeps me grounded. The core values that were instilled in me as a child. Also the knowledge that I'm part of the flow that is eveything around me keeps me very much at peace.

And of course my close friends and loved ones.

8. What are 2 qualities that you prefer and respect about your mate at this point in your life?
Support and tenacity.

9. Who gave you 1 really good piece of advice early on and what was it?

My mom said-all that glitters isn't gold. She had alot of these sayings that stuck with me.

10. What piece of business advice would you like to share?

Always go the extra mile.

11. What is NEXT for you in 2009 and beyond?
A Shakespeare production at the Folger Theatre, a feature film at the Urban World Fiolm Festival. Then in theaters, 2 feature films in 2010. And more!

12. Choose 1: High Heel, Low Heel OR No Heel?
High heel

Choose 1:
Green Tea, Carrot Juice, Bottled Water?
Green tea
Put in order of importance: Good Book, Good Food, Good Conversation, Good Sleep
Good sleep, conversation, food, book

13. What word would best describe you right now?



A Beautiful Mind welcomes


1. If there's a song that reflects your vibe, what would that song be? Sophisticated Lady by Natalie Cole or Alabaster Box by CeCe Winans

Do you meditate, pray or/and take time to mentally relax?

Yes, I pray every morning sometimes followed by meditation but I need to be a little more disciplined and dedicate more time to mediation. I spend at least an hour a day on spiritual time usually with a combination of spiritual reading, prayer and meditation. Nature is a big part of my meditative process. I love going for walks and taking in every part of nature - the flowers, trees, sun, even thunderstorms!

2. Tell us about AXIOM BLUE Corp. Axiom Blue Corp is a marketing firm that is dedicated to helping clients build strategic partnerships. We specialize in brand partnerships particularly for Women and African Americans and encourage corporations to honor a realistic approach in the way that they market towards our community.

3. Since it's creation, what new result and/or positive occurrences are you most proud of so far?
I actually haven't done the thing that I'm most proud of yet to be quite honest. It would feel like smoke and mirrors to itemize the things that I've done and attach pride with it because nothing that I've done has made a positive global impact and that is what I strive for.
4.What early part of your life's journey prompted you to be apart of such a necessary outlet as a Marketing Consultant?
As early as I can remember, it has always been fun to listen to someone's goals and imagine the most creative way for them to realize their dreams. Coupled with the fact that so many people that I grew up with allowed their talents to lay dormant. I went to school with artists that could paint as well as Leonardo Da Vinci, play basketball as good as Allen Iverson or write poetry as heartfelt as Maya Angelo but they had no one that actually believed in that dream and who was willing to put a plan in place for the world to share in their gifts. I also have always hated to see people ignored, so when I see companies implementing strategies that ignore or misrepresent Women or African Americans it drives me to create something better.

5. With some of your successful experiences allowing you to connect with other purposeful people, what are some of your day to day activities?
My day to day activity depends on what client has my greatest attention that day. The administrative piece happens from about 10am - 2pm, placing calls, answering emails, creating drafts, pitching ideas, developing quarterly marketing plans for each client and research and just in case my girls are reading this YES, I chop it up with them daily during work hours (LOL!). Much of my job requires me to attend evening events in support of a client whether its a sponsor's activation or supporting one of my clients representation of a brand partnership that I developed. At night, there is plenty of networking going on.
6. What do you do for fun? What new fun thing would you like to try?
Traveling is always fun for me when relaxation and the ocean are involved but as I grow older spending time with by best friends and family (with some wine) is really fun...I love to laugh! I have to jump out of an airplane before its over!

7. One thing on my Life List is to write a novel and host a radio talk show.
8. What/Who keeps your grounded in this ever changing world?
My love of God keeps me grounded because I live life with a great desire to fulfill my destiny. My mother also keeps me VERY grounded because no matter what I do, she's very proud of me but she's not impressed! (big smile)

9. What are 2 qualities that you prefer and respect about your mate at this point in your life?
I prefer a mate that encourages my soul to open up and one that likes everything from the Wu Tang Clan to John Coltrane - a broad range is very important!

10. Who gave you 1 really good piece of advice early on and what was it?
I actually live by my father's advice. He's full of go to phrases that always pop in my head like, "God's greatest expectation is forgiveness" or "When you get what you want, shut up"
11. What piece of business advice would you like to share?

Love what you do and who you do it for or with, that way positive results come naturally! Also, its so important to know that there will be bad days, months or sometimes years that test your faith and belief in your mission. Its important to know that going in so that nothing will rock the foundation of your faith in yourself.

12. What is NEXT for you in 2009 and beyond?

I'm dedicated to giving and honoring the charitable component of life. I'm committed to an organization based in Oakland, California founded by Charlita Brown called "A Fair Shot" which helps student athletes exhaust all of the academic and life resources that sports provide them including SAT Preparation, college scholarship assistance, academic tutoring and AAU recommendations. Every child will not be a professional athlete but their athleticism can be the gateway to a college education or increased global exposure.

I am also developing a community outreach project in Springfield, Massachusetts because that is where I was born and raised.

I'm really going to host a radio talk show!

13. Choose 1: High Heel, Low Heel OR No Heel?
High Heel
Choose 1: Cookies n Cream, Butter Pecan OR Strawberry? Are you following me??? LOVE Butter Pecan

Choose 1: Fresh Fruit, Fruit Smoothie OR Fresh Fruit Juiced?
Fresh Fruit

14. What word would best describe you right now?








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