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APRIL 2009
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Ladieees and Gentlemeeen. It is a pleasure to have you here at The FixYaFace Inner Beauty/Outer Wellness Blogazine . Newcomers and veteran viewers alike. May we always build characters worth standing on while working towards our new goals. This is it! Are you ready? Well of course you are. The "it" I speak of is your own person beat/mood. Subject to change but destined to go on as long as you like. Walk with your best step, dance in your favorite shoe and put your good foot into the march that worth marching. "It" is mostly up to you, your thoughts and your movements. Life's weather report says, Fabulous events are ahead and not a doubt in site. When the blessings rain upon us let's get touched and only brush off the Love Blockers. Among other things, FYF is for glancing at words of encouragement and I thank you for initiating the exchange by stopping by. This is a direct sign that good things are to come for us... that look for good things. Us that connect "it" to every other great energy vessel in our lives. Us that feel "it". Us that love "it". Us that smile about "it" inside first- it can only show on your face when you are clear and ready to recieve.
It's destined to show on your actions, outlook and on your facial expressions.
So by all means-have fun! Have faith! And FIX YA FACE!

Have a wonderful April! YOU deserve it!!
Happy birthday Aries and Taurus!

-Marcella Precise

Exercises Of The Month:
1. Think thoughts that support what you want to feel
Drink more water
3. Never argue. Run out of words and go for a walk.



A BEAUTIFUL MIND welcomes to the interview chairs:


As we expect only to do our best and not judge others distastefully. We offer a kind word, a kind jesture and just a thought of understanding that each person's plight is unique. Even to a new friend, these ideas present a feeling of ... WARMTH!!
Meet two
Wise Animated Resilient Mature Tiredless Humble beautiful women feeling blessed in this lifetime. Please enjoy a glimpse of their journey thus far.

MARCELLA PRECISE'S FAVORITE FIND has a review of great item worth showcasing.

The BE MY GUEST area is rolling out red carpet to all FYF viewers this month...Your thoughts, movements and just being you-have had an impact on so many lives. Our lives are getting better everyday because we believe it is! Thank you for always sharing your great energy, you are appreciated. Spring's coming and I'm excited! (As u know I'm always excited). Take glance at a thoughts from the hearts of great people who are maneuvering in their world with hope, joy and appreciation. AND they find time to wish that for others as well, in a few notes entitled "DEAR SPRING"

SHE DID IT!! is where passionate, sincere and dedicated individuals across the world are honored. Send us an email about 1 you know. SEND US YOUR BIRTH DATE TO POST!



Alcohol Awareness Month, as per If you must drive, don't drink.
Wednesday APRIL 1, 2009
Make room for Mushrooms

The New Fruit Of The Month is the Mushroom. The mushroom contains, but not limited to, Potassium (may reduce stroke risk & lower blood pressure), good source of Selenium (may lower risks for types of cancer) and Niacin ( may lower cholesterol). YOU should take inventory of your unique dietary needs to enhance your healthy methods of maintaining that enjoyable life of yours. Small additions can help to subtract the bigger worries.


Recipe courtesy Paula Deen Show: Paula's Home Cooking Episode: The Boss is Coming to Dinner

  • 1 cup crabmeat
  • 1/2 cup cream cheese
  • 1/2 cup fresh parsley leaves, chopped
  • 1/2 cup green onions, chopped
  • 4 tablespoons Parmesan
  • House Seasoning, recipe follows
  • 2 portobello mushroom caps, or 10 white mushrooms caps
  • 1/2 cup
  • Nonstick cooking spray


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Combine the crab meat, cream cheese, parsley, green onions and Parmesan. Season with House Seasoning, to taste. Stuff the mushroom caps with the mixture and top with bread crumbs. Spray the tops with nonstick spray to help them brown. Transfer to the oven and bake for about 20 minutes, or until the filling is hot and melted.

House Seasoning:

1 cup salt, 1/4 cup black pepper,1/4 cup garlic powder. Mix ingredients together and store in an airtight container for up to 6 months.
(Please use your own personal discretion /caution if you are allergic, sensitive or unsure.)


Fudge Cake Shower Gel & Bubble Bath by PHILOSOPHY yummy for your mind/spirit/body. The delicious scent will have you graving serenity as the bubbles in your bath lead you to a clean yet cozy experience. With ingredients (not limited to) like aloe leaf juice and caramel(not limited to), treat your skin and your mood to something just as sweet as you are.
If you try it, lets us know about it!

Please use your own personal discretion /caution if you are allergic, sensitive or unsure.



A Beautiful Mind welcomes


I currently live in Philadelphia, PA. I have lived in NC beyond college -- I love the south it's such an culture all its own.

1. If there's a song that reflects your vibe, what would that song be? Do you meditate, pray or/and take time to mentally relax? If so, what part of the day? For how long?

I love music so it's hard to pinpoint a specific song - but for right now, today, this moment, it would be Mary J Blige's "Work That" -- I love it, it sums up alot of what I'm doing in my life right now. I'm working it from every angle - from business to love life to education -- My life is pretty full right now and I'm loving every minute of it! I usually sit still and listen in the evening -- with the industry I'm in a mental break is needed daily. So I just sit still and relax for about 15-20 minutes. I don't get a chance to meditate every day. But I try as often as possible. As far as prayer is concerned, I pray all the time. I constantly ask for guidance in my everyday life.

2. Tell us about WARM SPIRITED TRAVEL.
Warm Spirited Travel is my online travel agency. I use this business opportunity to empower women to branch out and own market their own online businesses. I also speak to groups and non profits about the benefits of using travel as a funding source for raising money and traveling at the same time. With my travel agency, I'm able to give away trips as door prizes and raffles to various affinity groups and networking clubs. It's a great business and I love planning trips for large groups. I just became a spa and honeymoon specialist -- I can't wait for wedding season! I have alot planned for Warm Spirited Travel.

3. Since it's creation, what new result (s) and/or positive occurrences are you most proud of so far?
I'm really proud of the networking opportunities my online travel business has brought me. I belong to a a few social networking groups and I have gained business from those groups. I'm actually most proud of being able to help people more so than the money. Sometimes money is not the end all -- it's being blessed with the opportunity to change someone's life. This is where I beam with pride!

4. You are apart of the NATIONAL COALITION AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Please tell about the organization. The NCADV is a national organization that advocates for the women and children who are victims of domestic violence. The organization empowers and educates those involved on recognizing the signs and what to do about it.

It's a wonderful organization and with the current increase of reported cases in the media, we all need to be educated on the very tell tale signs of a relationship what is powered by control. I work with a few of my students who are in violent relationships. I not a counselor or a professional who is equipped to deal with those issues. I'm just a listening ear and I offer advice. I do however refer them to someone qualified and equipped to handle their situation.

5. What early part of your life's journey prompted you to create this as such a necessary outlet I work for a non profit agency geared towards helping women move from welfare to self sufficiency.
Alot of my students come from a troubled past full of confusion and nonsense. I have had my experience of listening to horrible tragic stories of violence with these women. I joined the organization because it's now about education and empowerment. I'm always prepared to assist any student make a clean break -- It's all about recognizing the signs and I want to assist in the journey towards freedom.

6. With some of your successful experiences allowing you to connect with other purposeful people (such as being a active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated
, well versed in internet marketing and a vital spark for a Utility company) what are some of your day to day activities?
My day consists of working with my students during the day. I'm assisting with resume writing, interviewing skills and sometimes I just have a round table discussion about life's issues. I concentrate on building my relationship with them. With a good relationship comes great results. In the evening I work on my travel business and assist people with ideas on how to market their business on the internet. My goal is to build a global brand. I learn from alot of internet marketers and take something from each of them. I'm a business and relationship builder. I feel that is important in business today.

7. What do you do for fun? What new fun thing would you like to try?

Fun -- did someone say fun...! Well I love shopping and spendng time with my son. I hang out with my girlfriends. Whatever comes up -- I'm not hard to please when it comes to having a good time.

8. One thing on my Life List is...working on a few things -- I want to open my dream business and I want to get my Doctorate in Business Administration. Believe it or not, I've just been accepted in to a really good Doctorate program! I'm so excited! Life is so short -- I think we all should work towards achieving our dreams.

9. What/Who keeps your grounded in this ever changing world?

In this ever changing world -- I have to keep my faith in God-- I have to. I need that to lean on. I lean on my faith alot. My students also keep me grounded.

10. What are 2 qualities that you prefer and respect about your mate at this point in your life?

At this point in my life I want a mate that respects how I feel. I love one to one conversation and I want a mate that will challenge me to be the best me I can be. A friend of mine asked me a few years ago if I could paint a picture of what love looks like, what would it be. I couldn't answer nor could I picture it. Today, I know what it looks like. I know exactly what kind of love I want to have.

11. Who gave you 1 really good piece of advice early on and what was it?

My mom gives great advice -- although she thinks I don't listen to her, I do hear her. She always told me to never neglect my education. The knowledge that is gained is something no one can ever take away from me. She also told me to pray everyday because God hears me. This is the same advice I share with my son on a daily basis. Thanks mommy!

12. What piece of business advice would you like to share? I would like tell business owners to build relationships first. The money will follow. It's all about the relationships!

13. What is NEXT for you in 2009 and beyond?

I truly believe that this is my year... in both my business and personal life...I have so much in store for me. I have a new business to start. I have a Doctorate program to begin and finish. I have great friends and great relationships -- the sky is the limit! I'm excited and thankful for everyday and what the day will bring!
14. Choose 1: Yoga, Cardio, Light Weights? Yoga
Choose 1: Green Tea, Carrot Juice, Bottled Water? Carrot Juice

15. What word would best describes you right now? BLESSED


A Beautiful Mind welcomes


I am originally from Philadelphia, PA. I went to college in Atlanta, GA (Shout out to Spelman). Started my career in Los Angeles (shout out to Rock The Vote/ Donna Frisby and RAP PAGES/LFP/ Sheena Lester). Started my life in New York.

1. If there's a song that reflects your vibe, what would that song be? Beautiful Flower by India.Arie and Use Me (as an instrument of praise) by Walt Whitman and the Soul Children of Chicago

Do you meditate, pray or/and take time to mentally relax?
If so, what part of the day? For how long?

Yes I do have devotional time privately and with my family. I also have a prayer partner and mothers in the spirit that help me focus on God and my inner god. I do it early in the morning and late at night. There is no set time for my devotion but it is spirit lead and blessed.

2. Tell us about your company, THE DUNCAN HOLDINGS GROUP

It is an all purpose entertainment firm that has a focus on families and young people. We afford corporations or production companies strategic marketing and brand building resources. We also offer niche marketing for publishing houses and non-profits. Recently, we have developed strong marketing campaigns and have even been able to assist in structuring office transition for several high brow public relations firms.

We have a comic book division that has worked with Marvel, DC and Diamond Distributors. This focuses on many aspects of that world including; support for the KidsComicCon and teaching "Leadership through Comics" & "People of Color in Comics" with the New York Department of Education.

TDHG also serves as a business management depot for Karen's Body Beautiful, Serchlite Multimedia and Suga Yam productions.

3. Since it's creation, what new result (s) and/or positive occurrences are you most proud of so far?

There are so many successes. We have assisted in establishing the Kids Comic Book Convention, produced an animated film and graphic novel for Blokhedz- including a strip series with Hearst Publishing, obtained a contract through the S.T.A.R.R. organization to teach comics in many schools throughout Brooklyn, assisted cartoonist Kyle Baker with his publishing house including his award winning graphic novel Nat Turner and provided marketing assistance for Directory Michael Shultz Imajimation Studios. We were hired to oversea in tangent with Chris Rock and Bill Stepheny, their internship program at Comedy Central. We have been consulted and hired to do marketing for Alvin Ailey, Manhattan Children's Theatre, Battery Dance Company, Purelements Dance Company, the Thurgood Marshall Broadway play and Disney's Dan Zane. I have also produced two books, I Am Hip-Hop, Helium Press and A Fairy Tale in Brooklyn, Karen Hunter Publishing/Pocketbook/Simon and Schuster (Winter 2009)

4.What early part of your life's journey prompted you to create this as such a necessary outlet?

I always knew that entertainment can change the world view of young people. And my work w Sen. Vincent Hughes and Donna Frisby molded my thought patterns on how to connect the two (young people & entertainment) in a healthy way. They help graphed the circus of my life. I also was inspired by teachers like Ms. Slade, Don Carlos, Bro. Skief, Ms. Flournoy, Dr. Wade and Ms. Herr who always said I could be bigger and do better.

5. With some of your successful experiences allowing you to connect with other purposeful people (such as being a Board Member of the GodGirlz Network and the Nikuri Multi-Cultural Center) what are some of your day to day activities?

There are so many purposeful people, of whom I don't see often, that I have connected with throughout my career. But on a day to day basis, I prefer to work alone or in a vacuum so that I can stay focused on what I need to do. Facebook is helpful, because I can talk without talking. My office is in my home, so I can actually invest some time in the priorities of my life; my husband and daughter.

6. What do you do for fun? What new fun thing would you like to try?

For fun I play games with my daughter... like Connect Four, Sing Star, and Make Daddy Look Silly. I also draw with the family and I dance at my church. I had the "straight up blazing" fun when I worked in the music industry... fun for me seems boring to most. Oh yeah... I love celebrality shows and cartoons. I would like to start lazer tagging again.

7. One thing on my Life List (something you'd still love to accomplish but haven't done yet in this lifetime) is...

I'd like to create a book and series franchise like Harry Potter for my children's novel, A Fairytale in Brooklyn. I would also like to take care of my mother the way she deserves to be taken care of.

8. What/Who keeps your grounded in this ever changing world?


9. What are 2 qualities that you prefer and respect about your mate at this point in your life?

His warm spirit and his love for his family.

10. Who gave you 1 really good piece of advice early on and what was it?

My mother, Vera Teague. Always treat people with dignity... speak to the bus driver in the morning... they work hard and you may be the only one that does. Speak to the people serving your food and the janitors... they are truly invested in your health and lives and are the people that the world passes by but without them we would all die. God will spill favor on your compassion.

11. What piece of business advice would you like to share?

"No" is not always a bad word. When a door shuts work hard to find the open window and do only the things that make you happy... and never, never, never step on someone to make yourself look good.
Don't work hard, work smart.
12. What is NEXT for you in 2009 and beyond? Legacy building
13. Choose 1: High Heel, Low Heel OR No Heel? Hig Heel... I am 4ft 9
Choose 1: Chocolate, Butter Pecan OR Strawberry? Butter Pecan

14. What word would best describes you right now? BLESSED




Dear Spring

Thank you for
reminding me to refresh, renew and release I am successfully sticking to valuing my worth I plan to seize the season by taking risks and being fearlessI'm excited to take my Yoga teaching and Health Counseling to new levels I'm excited about "you", so can you send that blessing/excitement to Janelle Pitterson She is encouraging, motivating, empowering and humble I'm smiling because everyday I learn something new - about myself and the world - and it's great!
Sincerely, Bhairavi Andrea Downes


Dear Spring;
Thank you for your sunshine. It has brightened so many of my days. I am successfully sticking to maintaining a positive attitude and making my dreams come true. I plan to seize the season by giving to others that deserve it. I'm excited to even be alive right now! I'm excited about "you", so can you send that blessing/excitement to Jasmine. She is an amazing supporter and an even better friend. I'm smiling because today, like yesterday and tomorrow is GREAT! Sincerely, Brittany


Dear Spring:

Thank you for the blessings that life has to offer and all the precious moments
I am successfully sticking to getting sooooo organized
I plan to enjoy life with positive people every day
I'm excited to be alive and have those close to me alive
I'm excited about "you", so can you send that blessing/excitement to the Next Precious Moment
She is blessed and bright
Ekiuwa Asemota


Dear Spring;

Thank you for ushering out the snow so I can run in my neighborhood park
I am successfully sticking to all things important like drinking more water
I plan to fly my favorite neices down to visit me asap
I'm excited to make a list, check it twice and live everyday with Christmas eve excitement
I'm excited about "you", so can you send that blessing/excitement to everyone reading this
I am smiling I had a horrible 2008, glancing blogs like this keep me upbeat, determined and I actually see results. Sweet!!

Dear Spring;

Thank you for finally being here when we finally sold the house
I am successfully sticking to writing my book
I plan to move to texas before you are over
I'm excited to feel good and worry less
I'm excited about "you", so can you send that blessing/excitement to Devonna L.P.
She is a something else. lol. A wonderful friend and sisterI am smiling because I came along way but hey lots more to do...

Dear Spring;

Thank you for more work in my career and returning with beautiful flowers
I am successfully sticking to my jogging plan
I plan to seize the season by donating more clothing to charity and have barbeques
I'm excited to feel good about life everyday and to be able to take my mommy to places that keep her smiling!
I'm excited about "you", so can you send that blessing/excitement to Leisha G
She/He is a great friend in ATL, a true survivor, a great mom to 3 girls and the best Maid of Honor I ever had
I'm smiling because great occurences are in the works for me right now and all those I love
Sincerely, Marcella Precise


Dear Spring;

I'm always excited to see you again, it marks the beginning of a new year for me as my birthday is in April and I love the rain that will bring May flowers.

Thank you for your warmth and sincerity.
I am successfully sticking to my plan to be like a pig and not look back. (pigs can't look back)
I plan to seize the season by appreciating all that God has blessed me with, the sun rays shining through my window, the warm breeze, the gentle quiet of my pleasant NJ neighborhood.
I'm excited for every moment, anything can happen at anytime and it's all working together for my good.
I'm excited about "you", so can you send that blessing/excitement to Andrena Hale and Shayla Tindell,
two strong lovely friends who will welcome in spring with remnants of winters sadness. I hope the warmth will soothe both their hearts.
I'm smiling because I'm blessed.
Michelle Lynn Bell ********************


Dear Spring:

Thank you for giving me sunshine in my spirit and the hope for another day...
I am successfully sticking to mentoring young women in my industry and giving back more more more!!! Walking more, smiling more, being more accountable...
I plan to seize the season by getting deeper into my prayer life and asking GOD
to show more of his glory through my life!
I'm excited that I have a good home base and that I am blessed that family is on FB. Now I have contact with relatives in California that I hardly ever see! I got more
joy from seeing their faces and being able to connect. I'm excited about being able to know that I have a purpose, that I share joy and that I am actively reaching my potentials day to day... I can do all things through Christ who giveth me strength...
I want to share that message with all who toil- ...Nothing is Impossible with GOD! You can look at your past to propel you to your future when you realize how much further along he has already brought you! DON"T STOP! DON'T QUIT! Stick to it! PRAY all the time- fill your ears with voices of God's ministering singing angels...
I'm always smiling because every day that I ask for a sign of his presence, he places pennies at my feet... My reminder that- "In GOD we Trust"! AMEN!

Thank you for giving me a place here! M.L. Swanson


Dear Spring;

Thank you for returning right on time and the twins.
I am successfully sticking to figuring it out as it happens.
I plan to seize the season by staying positive with my life and avoiding judgement of things/people I do not knowI'm excited about "you", so can you send that blessing/excitement to my family, friend and co-workers. Their all a great bunch.I'm smiling because I used to cry too long over small things. Now I aim to welcome the big good things and my smile is for those things/people that are smiling back at me.

Nat from NC

Dear Spring; Thank you for the ability to see and dream again, think and take into action what I didn't do yesterday, breathe and give thanks for every living thing. I am successfully sticking to never taking this season for granted, and claiming all that has been promised to me. I plan to seize the season by putting God first in all that I do, and knowing that in him I live, I move and have my being.I'm excited about "you", so can you send that blessing/excitement to my never-give-uppers, my dream-biggers. Let's hold each other up. Let's be accountable for each other, and I promise to do the same for you!I'm smiling because Spring is here, and with this new season breathes second chances, new opportunities, and the belief that now is the time to dwell in the overflow. It's yours! Sincerely, Osa


Dear Spring;

Thank you for God allowing me to be in good health, spirits and being my complete vessel to see & experience things when my vision was cloudy.
I am successfully sticking to being a beautiful person from the inside first and loving myself, so my spirit can touch the next young lady who made need me to guide them in the experience of becoming a woman, mother, friend, and a "Sis-Star"
I plan to seize the season by cheering on my son through his summer basketball season, while striving for another win at the national AAU league...YAY!!!!!
I'm excited everyday about my two sons Michael & Marquise, they are literally the air I breathe and the reasons why I strive for success, Mommy loves you both so much!!!!!
I'm excited about "you", so can you send that blessing/excitement to my twin sister Selena R. G.
She is my best friend who I was blessed to be born with while many people can't even find one true friend. I Love you " twinny twin"!
I'm smiling because Marcella Precise took the time to care about how I was feeling! Your a GEM!!!
Serena R. Gatlin

Dear Spring;
Thank you for bringing me love I can use and return
I am successfully sticking to believing in myself and true friends with great energy
I plan to just never ever give up on things that feel right
I'm excited to go on this long awaited cruise with my family
I'm excited about "you", so can you send that blessing/excitement to Derrick T
He is a pretty cool dude and a good friend that keeps God first like myself:)I am smiling because I am worth it
Stace N.




Author, THEMBISA MSHAKA on her inspiring

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Entrepreneur/DJ, Catherine Ouellette AKA DJ SYNCITY

On having a great profession year as a international DJ.
Spinning for a 25 city tour, Tiger Woods, Jamie Foxx, NY Giants and BMW

ERIKA SALTER, TV & Film Producer

"Class M" the Movie, Screening in NYC this April



Ladies' Lounge At
Dermalogica in SoHo NY

Dermalogica® invites Step Up members to an exclusive event celebrating the brand's new concept space in New York City. Dermalogica is a leading skincare company founded by Jane Wurwand, a Step Up Luminary Circle member.



The New Business Owners of Kansas City, MO and Rochester, NY

Because you were born...Great things were born

Ms. Daya M-04/01
Ms. K Hems-04/01
Miss. Floreda TL-04/04
Mrs. Tee L.-04/08
Mrs. Michella Brown-04/08
Ms. Essence Gee-04/09
Miss Dora-04/12
Ms. Kimberly F-04/12
Mrs. Freda Marie C- 04/24
Ms. Helenia D-04/24

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