Thursday, March 1, 2007

FIX YA FACE - Inner Beauty & Outer Wellness Blog

Welcome to my FIX YA FACE - Inner Beauty & Outer Wellness Blog. Please relax and play a while. This meeting place was born out of conversations that I had with friends about what we consider to be simply skin care ideas and being the best you can from the inside out. My smile is the window to my spirit and it's written all over my face that I am clearly happy to be here!

I like many of you, try not to be focused on what I cannot change but work daily to be changed by My Focus!

Depression, Anger, Confusion and Hurt are sometimes shown on the face through expressions, eating habits and everyday life. ALL that can be fixed. (Or a least minimized, lol) I'm here monthly to share fun ways that I rejuvenate my inner joy, through Fruit of The Month Facials and some of Marcella Precise 's Favorite Find of The Month, to create my face of Excitement, Clarity, Peace and Strength. We encourage the fellas to come by and peek in too. Fun interesting information is for everyone. But please use your own personal discretion /caution if you are allergic, sensitive or unsure.

A Beautiful Mind Interview's of women across the world that have overcome obstacles and are now pursuing what they love in this lifetime, will be posted here. Multi cultural, multi- talented, bright spirited individuals shine here. Email us.

SHE DID IT!! is a bi-weekly listing of Ladies that we'd like to recognized for their accomplishments. Hard work, sincerity and dedication needs to be acknowledged to continue the cycle. Let's us know who you'd like to honor:)

*LeeLa's Corner* is where we can share thoughts, sip cocoa, take off our shoes and talk. All my independent, educated and busy women can interact immediately with one of my best friends. LeeLa is not only a energetic lady with witty advice. She -is-a -trip, LoL.

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So let's talk and listen. Have fun. Have faith and FIX YA FACE!

- Marcella Precise

The Fix Ya Face Beauty Blog is for the woman that will do her best to Feel & Look her best from this point on

March is National Women's History Month!

MARCHING ON... Thursday MARCH 1, 2007

I hope this message meets you in good spirits. I appreciate the time that your taking to view and for that I am humbled:) Persistence beats resistance and this March, only the uplifting vibes will survive.

In honor of the month that Spring will be breaking in, I've decide to break out the blender! LET'S GO! Ya's something about strawberries and crushed ice that just makes me feel like dancing. Maybe it 's the eye popping color or the texture combination. Who am I kidding? It's the taste. Sooo, I'm hearing that there's over 500 or so types of strawberries that differ in size, texture and flavor. Give em the big firm juicy one's please! ( Who said that? LoL)
Strawberries are in my grocers fruit section and corner market. It's as easy as that! And for all my garden savvy readers, there's three types of strawberry plants. June Bearing are mainly a once a year crop and are occasionally rather large. Everbearing be cropped in 3 out of 4 seasons in the year. Maybe that's why winter is full of eggnog, lol. Day Neutral are the smaller of the crew.
Strawberries contain Iron, the antioxidant Vitamin C and the soluble fiber Pectin, which aids in lowering cholesterol. Oooh after all of that I not only want to put in my mouth, I need to put it on my face (Cut it Out! LoL). Below are 2 fun things that you too can do with strawberries this month. Stop doubting. FIX YA FACE and try it. This is only the beginning Family! Feel Good. Look Great. And do well out there:)

Strawberry Tingle
I blended 8 ice cubes with 4 strawberries. Added 2 cups of seltzer and a straw. Enjoy.

Straw Sugar Berry Facial Scrub
I chopped 3 strawberries and added a little over a teaspoon of brown sugar. Mashed it all together. Sounds delicious? Fix Ya Face. I applied it on my face in gentle circular motions for 1 minute before rinsing it off with water. Then repeat once again.



Strawberry Body Butter/Fraise Beurre Corporel by The Body Shop a really pleasantly light cream to apply after my morning shower and in my evening's pampering regimen. I work hard all day with diverse tasks, personalities and conditions. The creamy shea butter with cocoa butter helps my skin feel soft and renewed with ever application and the strawberry oil smells divine. I'm just saying, why not keep it berry berry subtle but sexy, LoL.


On March 17, 2007, Congressman Ed Towns and The Women's Caucus of Brooklyn, New York will be Saluting "Women Who Dare To Be Different" . The Honorees in Communication, Education, Civic Community Service, Business, Health, Medical, Religion and Labor are:

Olanike Alobi
Claudette Audige
Deborah Battle Pointer
Rev. Dr. M. Jwahir Braithwaite
Aurora Brown
Agnes Green
Aytasha Tiffany Hanton
Petucci E. Harris
Synomous Harris
Dr. Sherrie Brown Jennels
Joyce McDonald
Lillian Roberts
Melinda Del Rosario
Sonia Patricia Smith
Eugenia "Genie" Swinson
Aida T. Wilson

Thank you for making a difference.

*LeeLa's Corner*

Hi Ladies;

Can't wait to talk to ya. What do we want to touch? Money, Moving, Men, More shoes. Let's go!

You know.......something else wonderful is happening in your life right now........just because you BELIEVE it is.

Hi Leela;

First off. Congratulations on the column. I have a question (not really a problem). I met someone online in January. He was a cool talking gentleman in his 2nd year of teaching, who claimed to be unattached. We both shared an interest in church, basketball and 80's R & B. The chatting was starting to get hot and heavy in February but then it stopped completely. In February I planned a trip to surprise him with a visit. But I told him my plan then it was like he disappeared from the internet. He wouldn't write back and I could clearly see that he read my emails that I sent to him. We live 2 states apart. A company that relocated from my state to his state last year, has just offered me a great position. When I go there for the interview, I want to contact him. I think I deserve an explanation or something. Am I wrong for feeling this way and wanting act on my feeling? A part of me almost doesn't even want the job now. Please advise.
Signed, Heart Strings Tugged
Heart Strings Tugged, congratulations on the job offer. Your inner spirit is leading you to great professional things. Please don't let love things break you. It's been maybe two months since you've known Mr. Church Basketball 80's R & B. Sounds like those keystrokes were on fire and the buttons pressed so intensely until you felt like ya'll were getting close.
After all that... now the button on his keyboard to return your email is suddenly broke? ..Puhleeze! Brothers be acting funny.
On the real, my sister, take it real slooow with online relationships. As far as I'm concerned that person on the other end of the screen is an imaginary friend until they manifest themselves. AWRIGHT, here we go! So you still want to pop up huh? The answer is No..Heck No and no to the NOteenth power. Dropping by his house, place of business or the church he frequents may get your feelings hurt. You know the answer in your heart is to focus on your focus HST. The best you should offer him is a goodbye email, and don't forget to send it with a picture of yourself in the Freak'um dress..Of course!

Dearest LC:
My two little gentlemen are "a trip", ( as Marcella Precise called you, lol). The 6 year old is finally excelling in his reading and the 7 year old is acting out because he thinks that his younger brother is getting more attention because it. They are hilarious when their together and both show respect to adults (at this point) in their lives. Since the babies grades went up, instead of making playful gestures and banding together, I notice that the older one now says direct jokes to hurt the younger siblings feelings about other things than grades. How do I get them back at one? I'm an only child and I don't want them to grow apart as they get older. (Congrats on the column too.)
-New Millenium Mommy
I see you New Millennium Mommy. Their personalities are shining and you have to put a dimmer on the negative glimmers. They say a little sibling rivalry is healthy and expected especially when children are that close in age, you don't want either to be mean spirited or hurtful. Time for a four letter word! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I'm talking individually and collectively. The older son seems to be feeling left out of that particular type of praising (in reading). See the signs of what he is excelling at and reinforce to him that you are proud of him in his area as well. Then talk to them together in a way so that they both can compliment their differences but be strong and caring as brothers. This should help them respect each others uniqueness, stay competitive in life and learn to negotiate situations positively.
(And you we're an only child? No bunk beds, no time limit in the shower? Lucky you NMM, lol.) Other than that, God bless you, because you know raising Boys to be Men is a job all by itself and you have 2 to bring to Manhood. You seem to be doing a wonderful job.
It ain't that serious. LeeLa, should I BREAK this Spring Out with a BANG in Florida with my wild and fun friend's or Cancun with my boring (extra sleepy) cousins? This is my first 1. I'm from Connecticut and I just need to go go go! So what you got?
Sincerely, MakingTime4BreakTiiiime

Hmm..Your first one? AAhh the memories... I digress. Well, blood is thicker than water. But boring doesn't have anything to do with blood or water, lol. Spring Break only comes once a year and life it too short to get down on yourself about two great destinations. Ask your favorite (that's what you should called them,lol) cousins to get down with the Florida fun. Their diverse personalities will not only keep you balanced but it should PEP UP THEIR STEP UP too. Check your bags but don't forget to check your good sense. Wild is not a prerequisite for fun all the time. You are a Young Lady- with an emphasis on Lady (Marcella Precise says that all the time). Cancun is too far to go with low expectations already in your head. Your letter sounds like you made up your mind beforehand. I suggest you have all parties meet & mix it up. MakeTime4BreakTime you sound like you have a good head on your shoulders. This is refreshing. Make sure everyone takes caution, takes lots of pictures, take their open minds and take Florida by storm:)