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LADIEEES!! The FIX YA FACE - Inner Beauty & Outer Wellness Blog welcomes you to talk about your new strengths, taste new recipes and try new ways to successfully maneuver through your world. It is a respons-ibility to be happy because then we are able to respond better and care for the areas that need nurturing. But do we? Take care of your health, your heart and your house. HE will take care of the rest. I always shout out the Fellas because it's seems like somewhere, somehow, some gentleman is always out there do an impressive job of walking in his own plan. So when you see the Guys recognizing their responsibility by being able to respond to the needs of their life- please give him a hand:)

I stay humble by my life's lessons, my faith and my respect for others journey. Before I graduated from college with my second degree and completed some other endeavors, I was excited by the ideas of what my new future held. Events that bring closure into your reality, force you to live in the
NOW! Summer Time Thoughts are upon us RIGHT NOW! Consider yourself prosperous RIGHT NOW. Clean out emotional clutter RIGHT NOW. Know your sexiness RIGHT NOW. Call a good friend RIGHT NOW. Be bright with ideas RIGHT NOW. Because RIGHT NOW is something you definitely have. Be grateful for the past lessons, delighted by the prospects of the future and GET EXCITED about the pleasures of RIGHT NOW. You know you want to smile right now because you have come a looong way. And your present blessings can assure you that your doing great RIGHT NOW.

Reward yourself with that
beautiful energy. Own it. Smile about it. As beautiful as you are, you never have to say a word. Beautiful is a feeling embraced from the inside RIGHT NOW. Just show the feeling. The world will be your instrument, that works extremely well for you- through your talent because your love for life will be shown on your face. Have fun. Have faith and FIX YA FACE! ( Wishing you a great summer start and a wonderful Mother's Day)
-Marcella Precise

A Beautiful Mind
welcomes to the interview chair: keyboardist/ vocalist in Roy Hargrove’s grammy nominated Jazz unit-RH Factor, formerly of Zhane.....Renee Neufville. AND the illuminative self-published author, Princess of Urban Romance Tales....Lorretta R. Walls-Watson. These ladies are conscious of their blessings right now, true to their word and a joy to talk to. I'm honored by the mutual respect that we share for each other and I hope you enjoy what they share here with you.

SHE DID IT!! Hard work, sincerity and dedication of women across the world are honored here. Send us an email about 1 you know.
*LeeLa's Corner* My sister LeeLa is on the case. Scroll down to read the "Old Friend/OldCar/New Guy" dilemma. And I actually received a surprise email of inspiration from a friend, that Leela has allowed me to share as her corner's 2nd entry. See here we share in the compliments, the energy, the wealth & the respect- because that is when a higher power will keep that flow in abundance.
(Thank you L.)

The Fix Ya Face Inner Beauty/Outer Wellness Blog is for those that will do their best to

& Look their best from this point on

She deserves more than a day! MAY is National Mother's Month!
MAY be Definitely, Life Is Good..Tuesday MAY 1, 2007


It is wonderful to know that you came back for
monthly inspiration of the soul. We should welcome this May with open arms and know that it is your plan to be here! For every unpredictable occurrence that changes our life, there can still be a consistent flow of love. Love through your thoughts, words and actions. These 3 ingredients create your movement here. Move towards that new garden (planted my first rose bush yaay!) new home, new romance, new exercise routine (spinning class here I come, lol) and YES a new Fruit of The Month. Just because it looks green doesn't make it less experienced. Your enticed by the tough grip that you can have on it's firm exterior and you heard what it has inside is sooo sweet? Yeah..I bet you did, lol. (You said that -not me, lol) FYF family, we can only be talking about pineapples.
Pineapples at my neighborhood market are even delicious from the can. You may even have a favorite fruit stand (or fruit fair) that you like to travel to. Make it a walk, make it a day but whatever you do..make a little effort to get what you like.
Pineapples contain Bromelain (helps break down digested protein), Vitamin B1 (helps convert carbohydrates & fat into energy) and Vitamin C (antioxidant/may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease) Don't let the tough dark exterior deter you. Pineapples are worth the wait of it's sweet juice and meaty core. It burst like no other! (You know what I mean, lol) Embrace some of the natural foods that summer has to offer. No time for frowns, doubts or living in questions. Get some answers. FIX YA FACE and try it. Feel Good. Look Great. And do well out there:)
"Skin Me" Fruit Salad:

I place a thin layer of whip cream in the bottom of a few short 8 oz. wine glasses. Mixed pineapple chunks (sliced in half), apple slices, strawberry slices and raisins
. Drizzled pineapple juice to the mixture before scooping the fruits on top of the whip cream layer. Then I did another whip cream layer on top of the fruits. Sat the glasses in the freezer for 5 minutes and shared with our guests. I call it "Skin Me" (among others) because we all talked about how good each fruit was for the skin. The whip cream is just goooood, lol. It's best to have sugar in moderation so don't overdue it if you try it:)

Pineapple Pinacooool Hotter Healing Scrub:
1 1/2 cups pineapple juice, 4 tsp coconut milk and 2 tsp. cornstarch. I mixed it then microwaved it for 15 secs. The warm mixture was soothing enough to apply to my face, neck & back (my husband helped with that one). I was forced to relax & let go, in the now! Let the natural properties work while I meditated horizontally for about 10 minutes then showered it off. Then applied pineapple juice as my astringent, then rinsed off again. It brought a feeling of rejuvenation to my evening:)

(Please use your own personal discretion /caution if you are allergic, sensitive or unsure.)


Grand Pineapple Shaped Scented Candle by BATH & BODY WORKS

...brings aromatherapy to the front as therapy for the soul. Imagine receiving a feeling just by smelling something so delightful that you just want to be embody that delight within your thoughts:) The pineapple is not too over powering but it may have you thinking yummy thoughts and speaking sugared comments to who evers in the room. I bought one for me and for my mommy. If your into candles, get into Grand Pineapple and let me know what you think:)


A Beautiful Mind welcomes
Renee Neufville

1. What keeps you feeling beautiful? For me, the sun's rejuvenating energy puts me in a state of utopia. I can always reside in that state of mind. Thats what makes me feel beautiful no matter where I am on the globe the sun brings me home.
2. What was your first favorite job/internship? Bank teller

3. What are your day to day activities? Cup of something warm in the AM..call my parents..meditate. run errands...( I should be working out , really I should LOL), writing. cook dinner..set up future tours etc. This is my second tour in Australia and first European tour since RH Factor. OH Laughter..throughout it all. I have left so many things out .....:)
4. What do you do for fun? Spending quality time with family here or in Jamaica. Having family around me is reaffirmation of who I am. They share my history, my blood an
d we are a reflection of one another. The Love is unconditional and pure. It is unabated LOVE.
5. One thing on my "Life List" is Motherhood.

6. What keeps you grounded in an ever changing world? God He is all. He is everything... my protector.

7. When you are about to be approached, do you start Smiling (back at the person) , Profiling (checking them out from the corner of your eye) or Styling ( feeling so good that you may not even notice them until they actually say hello)? LAUGHTER!! I laugh because seeing people makes me feel good. When I feel good I Laugh!! That's really all. Its an expression of my joy.
8. Who gave you 1 really good piece of advice & what was it? MY GIRL PRECISE TOLD ME TO ALWAYS THINK UP!!;)

9. Summer Dress, Blue Jeans or Mini Skirt ? Summer dress YESSSSSSS! Well you see, summer dresses can be sexy without "Screaming" sexy.They are feminine, comfortable and practical. For most women they are flattering. I would much rather slip on a dress than have to find two or three articles of clothing any day!!! Slip it on ...and OUT the door! LOL

10. What word best describes you? Passionate
A Beautiful Mind welcomes
Lorretta R. Walls-Watson

1.What keeps you feeling beautiful? I feel beautiful when I close my eyes and think of what I can improve in my writing.

2. What was your first favorite job/internship? My first favorite job was working as a Secretary's Assistant in my Senior year of high school at Philip Morris. I met some great people and the environment was wonderful to work in!

3. What are your day to day activities? I get up at 4:30am, write until 6:30am then I get my daughter ready for our drive her to daycare. Then I'm off to work for 8am to do some administrative filing, product ordering and other duties for a bowling company. My previous experience as a Material Handler, helps a great deal to assist customers with their concerns about special orders and got me promoted within the company. Workday could end around 5:30pm, depending on my schedule but in my mind, it NEVER ENDS. lol
It is with great pleasure to announce the official release of my second novel, BRITTANY It is about a professionally trained ballerina that attended a prestigious dance school and must find her destiny in the world. Feel free to order a copy at www.lulu.com/authorlrwalls
4. What do you do for fun? For fun-- Shopping: I love Nordstrom's...my biggest fetish is handbags, got that honestly from my grandmother. I love a good purse and it must be functional for my lifestyle. I enjoy shopping at Short Pump Town Center in the West End.

5. One thing on my Life List is to have one of my novels made into a movie!

6. What keeps you grounded in an ever changing world? My family keeps me grounded just by being themselves. My daughter is a great joy. She asks me questions about what I write, (mind you she's 4) and listens to the "soundtracks" I create on cd's. She knows the songs when they come on the radio; too funny! When I have book signings and workshops to attend, my husband is very supportive in every way. He gives me "my time" to do "my thing" and that shows me he has great respect for my dream.

7. When you are about to be approached, do you start Smiling (at the person), Profiling (checking them out from the corner of your eye) or Styling ( feeling so good that you may not even notice them unless they actually say hello)? Smiling, because that person doesn't know where you're coming from. Sometimes, it's best to show a kind facial expression, that person may have just decided to live a little longer because you cared enough to make positive eye contact with them.
8. Who gave you 1 really good piece of advice & what was it? My mother gave me great advice, but she'd say she was 'giving guidance'. I loved the idea that my mother never 'told me what to do' but what 'not to do'. I've been writing books since the age of thirteen and I did it to keep me out of trouble. It worked! I never planned to do anything serious with them until one day (by my mother's urging), I decided to give it some thought. When I was called to duty in 2003, the idea became realistic to start publishing my novels. My first self-published work, "Spices of Life" was the one book my Mom got to read before she passed away on December 3, 2005. A family band that has to learn a life changing lesson on their own. but the story focuses around the youngest member of the family, Angel Bentley. "Spices of Life" is available online anywhere in the world!

9. Summer Dress, Blue Jeans or Mini Skirt ? I'm a blue jeans lady...I like to mix it up with a pretty blouse or a flirty top and some nice shoes. Yeah, that' s me all day long!

10. What word would best describe you? Facet

*LeeLa's Corner*

Hey Everyone;

Don't lose sight of your focus. Gain perspective on your Goal! Life is Good-go out there and get yourself some! It's always a pleasure to here from you. Thank you for the letters.Take Care.

I bought a used car from the new boyfriend of a good friend. (Her new boyfriend now drives HER car). In 3 days, I'm having brake trouble. My car slid on a curvy road the other day and hit a pole the damage is only done to the paint but I was terrified. My friend NOW says (all slick & stuff) that her man was saying that he needed to get that fixed before. My friend is so far up under this dude that she can't even talk straight when he's around. She tells me that since brakes are a minimal issue AND it's a used/as is car, I should pay to for new brakes & paint myself. I am about to lose my mind & a friend. -The Brakes Pumper

Whooaa Brakes Pumper. Losing your mind is never recommended momma and losing a friend may not have to be the case.
It's very important to get you in a safe vehicle right now or a super bus pass. Check your state lemon laws in regards to buying a new car. In some states you get up to 90 days to report problems such as Brakes, and other malfunctions that are not immediately seen when purchasing a new car. I'm not an expert on the machines and things but it's worth looking up. Document all that you had to fix and keep the bill, the bill of sale and any papers pertaining to cost incurred. Bring the inner business woman out, and deal with her man, in a civilized way. If he's gets to " gamin' ", small claims court-here you come!. Talk to your friend about other matters as to keep her away from the business end of this if you feel she's jaded. If she zooms in on that area still, you now have a clear case to state and she will either respect your side or reveal that she is no longer equip to be your friend at that old great level anymore. Congratulations to you for being able to purchase a car at this point in your life. Stay on the progressive path:) -LeeLa

Subject: Re: How have you been?/ Thanks for the words!
Hello Precise,
It is always good to hear from you. I am so busy I don't know if I replied to your last email. I did get to check out the blog and I love it. You've inspired me to stop talking about getting mine up and just do it. I want you to know I appreciate all the words of inspiration. As one of my friends keep telling me, I need to write a book, I say to you WRITE THE BOOK. You have such a positive and beautiful vibe, you have to get it out there in print. As black women we have to help and lift up each other, that's how we all grow. I am in school working towards my master's in general & special education. Girl, between work, school and family at times I am just exhausted. I know GOD is blessing me, so I will not complain. My makeup business is well, I did a video for the artist Angela Demone. She's on ITunes and I have a few photo shoots scheduled. Also it's spring, so the wedding season is upon me (my schedule is getting booked fast). These are more blessings from GOD. Once again, I love the blog: the way you break it up into different sections (it keeps you interested). I like the"time to speak up" and "she did it" and the spiritual element of the whole blog is priceless. Please keep up the work and keep the positive energy flowing. Stay blessed and we'll talk soon.

P.S. Yes, I am planning another short film the end of summer/fall (I am in the writing stage now) so directing is in my future. I would love for you to see my first film sometime and get your thoughts on it.

Ayanna, I am humbled by your kind words and elated to see you shining in fabulous endeavors. Thank you for thinking of me. WALK THE WALK giiirl!! Walk proud in that plan that is designed for you and I too am very proud of you:)

Honors: Renee NeufvilleOf New Jersey

For our i
nternational readers and Jazz/R&B lovers, her Australian Tour Dates Are:
May 18 @ The Bloc In Sydney
May 18 @ Hurtsville In Sydney
May 19 @ Watermark In Melbourne

May 24 @ The Basement In Sydney
May 26 @ The Chi In Brisbane

Nicole HamiltonOf Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Owner of Nic Naturals, will be presenting an array of all natural goodies on May 5th 2007 at W. B. Saul High School Country Fair (11am-4pm) and on May 12th at Reformation Lutheran Church(11am-3pm). Stop by if your in Philadelphia. Browse these handmade gems
for the body -For Your Mom-For Your Friend-For Yourself--and purchase online at

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