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JUNE 2009
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Hi there Ladies and Gentlemen. Hope your day is feels as great as you ARE. The The FixYaFace Inner Beauty/Outer Wellness Blogazine thank's you for connecting your positive energy to others in this space on the web. May we always find reasons to grow, focus and to believe in the goodness of self, as well our surroundings. We are living the lives fulled with individual purposes. YOUR work is YOUR path. Never let another person's opinion/mood/motive lessen your worth. Find a way to appreciate the life that is put before you so you stay open for great times coming. Thank GOODNESS no one is exactly alike in the beginning and no one will have the exact same approach towards an ending. With our unique gifts as our base, we can only appreciate where our choices take us. They were truly ours and after this moment the results will truly be ours.

Keep going into you path with an appreciation of faith, hard work and dedication that fills your lifetime.
Let's continue to make the decision of having joy in our day, that makes our week, that makes our years...a lifetime to smile about. Even if we believe a struggle is on it's way, let's aim to prepare for it's passing. For the passing is determined by our approach and belief of the struggles power. Let's aim to minus it's power on us by noticing it's purposes, appreciating it's reason and moving forward from it because we came into a better plan of never having that struggle again. There is a unique plan for the person that appreciates the small as not being big, the good as not being bad and the past as not being our future. Here's to feeling that all things worthy are possible and to finding our own individual source(s) of goodness
within everything that enters our lives.
Have fun! Have faith! And FIX YA FACE!

Have a wonderful JUNE! YOU deserve it!!
Great dads! Have a great Father's Day!!!
Happy birthday Taurus and Gemini!

-Marcella Precise

Exercises Of The Month:
1. Think thoughts that support what you want to feel
2. Exercise your right to live by doing your exercises.
3. BE "you". Your the best at it!



A BEAUTIFUL MIND welcomes to the interview chairs:


As we expect only to do our best and make the best choices for the circumstance. We can offer a open mind, open ear and open conversations that may lead to the closure we crave. Even challenging times we can prepare. For it will all get better soon, this preparation presents the BEST a feeling available today!!!!
Meet two Bold Empowered Sincere Thoughtful
beautiful women feeling exhilarated and confident in this lifetime. Please enjoy a glimpse of their journey thus far.

MARCELLA PRECISE'S FAVORITE FIND has a review of great item worth showcasing.

The BE MY GUEST is displaying information for the youth this month. If you find forums, organizations and programs that can support them in having a wonderful summer, please let FYF know about it.

SHE DID IT!! is where passionate, sincere and dedicated individuals across the world are honored. Send us an email about 1 you know. SEND US YOUR BIRTH DATE TO POST!



National Safety Month, as per
Monday JUNE 1, 2009
Celery, the celebrity

The New Fruit Of The Month is the Celery The celery contains, but not limited to, agents for riding joints of uric acid to better bone health, reducing high blood pressure, promoting kidney health, calcium (aides in calmness) and is zero in calories. YOU should take inventory of your unique dietary needs to enhance your healthy methods of maintaining that enjoyable life of yours. Small additions can help to subtract the bigger worries.

Tuna Salad/Sandwich

Stir in 1 bowl as follows: 2 can's of Solid White tuna, 3 teaspoons of low fat mayonnaise, 1 finely chopped onion and 3 finely chopped celery sticks. Season with a pinch of salt and to 3 churns of fresh pepper. Serve of a bed of lettuce and/or on toast wheat bread.

I drank 1 glass of water first. Then in your juicer I juiced together:
2 sliced apples, 1 sliced pear, 1 cucumber and 4 celery sticks. It was delicious to me, got my vitamins in early and got me ready for the day!

Please use your own personal discretion /caution if you are allergic, sensitive or unsure.



Peppermint Foot Lotion by BURT'S BEES a great way to get to that "aaahh" stage of soothing your feet. After a complete soak I rubbed a little bit on. I was delighted by what the combination of peppermint oil, coconut oil and rosemary could do! My toes were in a state of "aaaah"
for the rest of the evening. If you try it, lets us know about it!

Please use your own personal discretion /caution if you are allergic, sensitive or unsure.



A Beautiful Mind welcomes


1. If there's a song that reflects your vibe, what would that song be? Do you meditate, pray or/and take time to mentally relax? If so, what part of the day? For how long?

"Rising up" by the Roots has been my theme song since i heard it the first time...its about transition and I'm in middle of a transition.

2. Everyone is giving back at multiple levels. What is one that you have and enjoyed greatly?
I signed up for Mentoring USA has part of my new year's resolutions to do something good for others. I found out about the organization though the website. I wanted to start out the year helping others.
Mentoring USA is an organization that was founded by former State 1st lady Matilda Raffa Cuomo. It is an off shot of the national nonprofit HELP USA. HELP USA is a national organization that was founded is reaction to homeless shelters across the country. HELP tries to provide comprehensive services to help people living in shelters transitions to housing. Mentoring USA works with New York City public schools, foster care agencies and nonprofits to provide one on one mentor to children to work on a variety of projects. Mentoring USA hopes that providing additional adult role models in the lives of children in their programs
To be a mentor it is only 1-3 hours out of the week that you have be free but this time is so valuable to the kids. You are there for homework help, art projects and cultural development activities. More over you are there to be an adult to hang out with. You are a role model to see out options in live outside of there parents.
I was a kid I looked up to the group leaders at the camp I went to. I when to the same camp for 10 years so I had the same groups leaders for years. I looked up to them because they were will to listen to my problems and not judge me the same way my mom would. I hope everyone finds a little way to give back. It will make you feel good.

3.What early part of your life's journey prompted you to be apart of as such a necessary outlet?
I learned early on to be in service. Helping people helps me stay in grateful and it's my passion so I pursue it in "life, education and action", as you say :)

4. With some of your successful experiences allowing you to connect with other purposeful people (such as being a CSA at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and NYC afterschool liason ), what are some of your day to day activities?
Embarked on a great internship within high schools for the Guidance Counselor Dept in Bronx, NY. Currently attending Hunter College and the Social Work courses are very detailed requiring attention but opening me up to the best way possible to help others upon my graduation. Also working for the Cancer center.

5. What do you do for fun? What new fun thing would you like to try?
I love going to concerts. There is such a great energy hearing a group perform there music live. I would love to go to some concerts for bands and groups that are outside of the genres of music that I normally listen too. Ska, Country, European, who knows.

6. One thing on my Life List is to travel more...I want to go the Thailand. Learning and being around others cultures is so eye opening and also makes you rediscover the beauty in your own

7. What are 2 qualities that you prefer and respect about your mate at this point in your life?
A guy who has real passion for his long term goals and is a good dancer.

8. Who gave you 1 really good piece of advice early on and what was it?
I co-worker of mine told me when I was thinking of applying to grad school that if you have sunshine inside, you have to let it shine on everyone and that I have been glowing from the first time she every met me. Who knows? lol

9. What is NEXT for you in 2009 and beyond?
Finishing Grad School. Loving life and just moving into good things. I wish that all that are pursuing it!

10. Choose 1: High Heel, Low Heel OR No Heel? Choose 1: Chocolate, Butter Pecan OR Strawberry? Choose 1: Bottled Water, Green Tea OR Fresh Juice?
LOW, Strawberry, Bottled Water☺

11. What word would best describes you right now? Productive


A Beautiful Mind welcomes


1. If there's a song that reflects your vibe, what would that song be? Do you meditate, pray or/and take time to mentally relax? If so, what part of the day? For how long? My song: It has to be two, cause I have two distinct styles of work...

A. For my creative side: "Can't Hold Us Down"- Christina and Lil Kim. As a single women in the industry, sometimes men are uncomfortable w/ my strength and try to tame my message or my bold style. I want young women to be inspired and daring! Speak up when you know you have something valid to share, and don't hide in a corner.
B. For my business side: "Ain't Nothing Going on BUT the Rent!" Gwen Guthrie. I'm NOT a gold digger, but don't come to take from me if you're not fruitful on your own. Punctual, efficient, responsible, no nonsense. Spurred by challenges...*I pray all through the day. I ask God for advice on some of the silliest things for some, yet he never fails to send a signal!I relax by listening to my church choir's songs during the hectic times at the office. It helps calm me and tunes out drama for a few minutes. In RE you have to find some relief while you work!

2. Tell us about "Make Up With Melanie".

"Makeup With Melanie"- Is a multi-service lifestyle effort. It is about sharing with people the good quality of personal life as a key to dealing with this outer world. We are constantly striving to compete with one another, but we have what we need already. Teaching people to enjoy what they have, pamper themselves more , and having more orderly lives is key. Shop with discernment. I've mastered living well on a budget in whatever state I find myself. Beauty is inside out. GOD is a GOD of order - I thrive on organizing spaces around me.

3.What early part of your life's journey prompted you to go into the business?

I'm one of 7- six girls. I was always the quiet, creative one. At 5 years old, I learned to do a doll's hair. I became the family beautician by age 10. My great grandmother had one of the first hair salons in Harlem. I then discovered my talent to draw at age 6 or 7. I only drew model's faces in magazines until I was 17 years old. I've always loved fashion, my parents and grandparents have been stylish forever. My father was an entreprenuer and made stunning chandeliers.
His work inspired my love of beautiful homes and decorating when he put this burnout velvet fabric on our dining room walls. I fell in love with glamour early on! My late Uncle Butch was MY style guru in the 70's.

4. With some of your successful experiences (such as currently being a Full Time Century 21 Real Estate Broker and have excelled within the Xerox corporation) allowing you to connect with people around the globe, what are some of your day to day activities?
I've always thought that I would work at the UN while studying Foreign Languages from 7th grade through college at
Spelman. I have had best friends that were Japanese since I was 6, and my dad's business partner was German. Culture
has always been fascinating to me. Although I haven't traveled around the world, working on 5th Avenue for 20 years has exposed me to many global travelers. They are drawn to my New York energy. That's great cause I love my city! Day to day I experience a new part of the city with cuisine or attending venues where the vibe is international. I have a very diverse base of friends- I grow with each new connection I make.

5. What do you do for fun? What new fun thing would you like to try?

For fun, I look for anything new. I find comfort in cooking at home with a great glass of wine. I like walking all over the city to people watch, and going to music venues to dance or enjoy a performance. Lately it's hip hop- keeps me limber. I just saw LL Cool J, and it was an exciting show! I used to be a gym rat years ago, but now I can walk for hours and hours to get clarity and relaxation. I love looking at the beauty and architecture in the city. I watch comedy ALL the time to laugh! This is what keeps my dreams lively!

6. One thing on my Life List On my LIFE LIST is that I want to create a safe haven for young women to retreat, be spiritually enriched and find their creative energy among a great support group. I didn't have a mentor growing up, so I want to help all women get strength from my struggles. I drew the floor plans for this mansion years ago. I've got to sell some homes to get mine!

7. What/Who keeps your grounded in this ever changing world?

The ONLY way I can stay grounded is to stay in prayer. I became Born Again 3 years ago out of frustration with the trials and challenges of work and family wearing me down. Being in God's word, repeating my scriptures, reminds me
"... NO weapon formed against me shall prosper..." AND " I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me!" "SlumDog Millionaire" is the optimism that I relate to. LOVE is all we need to share, be and live.

8. What are 2 qualities that you prefer and respect about your mate at this point in your life?
Currently, I am single for 2 years plus. I want a man who has qualities that I've come to appreciate more as I get older. Thoughtfulness, Kindness, Generosity of Spirit and a Godly Wisdom. I need a man who is true to his word and graciously honest to a fault. Right now, I am concentrating on work alone.

9. Who gave you 1 really good piece of advice early on and what was it?

I discovered this advice on my own... After being laid off 3 times during the 80's, I decided that the only "Pink Slip" I wanted to see was the deposit slip from the bank!!! "Do what you love and the money will come" rang in my ears too!

10. What piece of business advice would you like to share?

To dovetail on my previous response, there is something that we all do better than others that is worth an income.
Find your hobbies and start from there. WE are all good at unique things and others will pay for that. Get better at it!

11. What is NEXT for you in 2009?
2009, I'm predicting God's favor on unseen ventures... I won't disclose my inner secrets at this time. Protecting the dream. It's in the Bible- shelter the baby until it is strong enough to get in front of the world alone!

12. Choose 2: The Food Network, The Hallmark Channel, BET AND The Discovery/Planet Green Channel? Choose 1: High Heel, Low Heel OR No Heel? Choose 1: Pop, Rock, Blues OR R&B?

FOOD Network- great menus and cooking tips. Discovery Channel- love exploring nature without the bugs and threat of animal attacks!
Love my 3 inch pumps!!! In Real Estate- I HAVE to use the kitten heel for running around!
R&B- falling in love with Usher, Ne-yo, Seal, Charlie Wilson and Anthony Hamilton. Keyshia Cole, Sade, Mariah and Mary.

13. What word would best describes you right now? Hmmmm.... Evolving.




is a great space to get tools that empower the younger generation. Below are 2 programs that they offer.

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On her Comedy Shows at

in Columbia, South Carolina
Tuesday June 9, 2009 to Thursday June 11, 2009
All Shows start at 8:30pm
2768 Decker Blvd
(803) 798 9898




On her MONDAY JUNE 15, 2009 role in ALL MY CHILDREN on ABC

playing a character from BARBADOS. 1PM EST-check your local listings.




On her latest book. Available at



the youth of today in:

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The New Business Owners of Clifton, NJ and Chattanooga, TN

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