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The FIX YA FACE - Inner Beauty & Outer Wellness Blog welcomes new viewers and applauds the faithful return those that have already been taking part in the monthly inspirational exchange. Funny story. My husband and I took advantage of a free concert that NYC had to offer ( or We surprisingly ran into a friend that mentioned to me how the fellas are definitely referring to (he said peepin') the quotes and the premise of FYF in slight conversations with their Lady friends about "the Spot that you blog on". (aka heart strings are getting tugged/pick up lines are in effect this summer.) So I told him... "STOP GAMIN'"-LoL. Seriously, (and as always) thank you guys for checking in and choosing to walk in your plan with a positive, sometimes comical, outlook:) The gracious emails and your ongoing accomplishments in your fields never cease to amaze.

One thing I know for sure is that no one knows everything! Learning is a constant here on this earth. As long as we learn we'll be too busy to judge. Surviving can be a challenge. Challenges test us. And for test taking, I have to stay calm and execute an approach. With prayer, planning and a positive commitment to movement -I can turn a challenge into a chapter! For it should not be the closing remark in my book of life. More like an interesting read in my collection of craziness, lol. Thus, I am learning.
As prayer works it almost seems magical, so it begins. A prayer may lead you to a plan that's strategically formulate like mathematics, so you believe. A plan could place you in a fortunate/confident state of motivation to use your abilities for taking action, so you become. Everybody needs a little of each. Imagine what a lot of each can do!

Enjoy this beautiful month of August everybody! Make a new attempt, listen to some new music, try a new salad. Believe. Begin. Become. And be alright with yourself first. Hopefully you'll find yourself smiling. Have fun. Have faith and FIX YA FACE!

-Marcella Precise


A BEAUTIFUL MIND welcomes to the interview chair: Owner of Sunny's Delicious Dishes, Radio Personality and Television Co-Host of The Food Networks: Gotta Get It ....SUNNY. Along with the previous Director of Producer Management at Bad Boy Entertainment, the Founder of Magic Tortoise Ink- ....writer, ANDRENA HALE. These Ladies have integrity, adventurous outlooks, and a love for life. Their personalities are vivid and I know you'll enjoy hearing how they are looking forward and living forward.

SHE DID IT!! Passionate, sincere and dedicated women across the world are honored here. Send us an email about 1 you know. Essence Magazine is doing something wonderful on OCTOBER 5th! SOMEONE IS ON THE VERGE OF WRITING TALES OF HER LIFETIME!! PLUS WE HAVE BIRTHDAY GIRLS AND NEW MOTHERS!

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The Fix Ya Face Inner Beauty/Outer Wellness Blog is for those that will do their best to
& Look their best from this point on


As per, August is National Eye Exam Month!
AUGUST brings variety and overdue vacations ...Wednesday August 1, 2007


Foods that the land has to offer are in abundance and irresistable. The health benefits are in endless, priceless and these summer treasures cost less that you might think. You can do more with less. This August go get on a bike, go for a walk & go get some safe amounts of sun. Fun can be free and so can your mind. Joy is going on right now. Aim to maintain a flexible approach to resolutions and put a listening ear to your own soul. Quickly move away from anything/anyone that promotes demise. There's some much goodness going on:) The new Fruit of The Month really has got it "going on". This big thick skinned specimen may come across as green but it's still a pro in the field of pleasure in the mouth (where is this coming from? lol). The flesh is attractive and super nice to the body. And don't get me started on the juice (alright, who said THAT? lol) Nice to know we're on the same page and talking about the watermelon.

Watermelon can be found sliced, chunked or whole at your neighborhood markets. This sweet treat built from nature can really cool you down this summer if you chill it in ice before eating. Watermelon can even be seedless. Yaay!! Just good eats. Where there's a picnic, a party or children just sitting on a stoop snacking, there may be the sweet treat of watermelon, lol. You may even have a favorite fruit stand (or fruit fair) that you like to travel to. Make it a walk, make it a day but whatever you do...make a little effort to get what you like.
Watermelons are high in Potassium (regulates heart functions, water balance and blood pressure), Lycopene (antioxidant that assists in fighting some cancers and disease prevention) and Fiber (aids in colon cleansing).
Summers treats that are good to you-are everywhere you turn. Try what you like. Like what you try. No time for frowns, doubts or living in a question mark all the time. Get some answers. FIX YA FACE. Feel Good. Look Great. And do well out there:)
***********************************************************************************Watermelon Ideas

Piney Melon
As a delicious drink, I mixed 4 cups worth of freshly juiced pineapple juice with 1 1/2 cups worth of fresh watermelon juice. Never juice, bite or eat the green skin OR the seeds of a watermelon. Then added seltzer water (as per my desired taste for bubbles) and very crushed ice. Then I found a nice seat in the shade to enjoy my Piney Melon. Oooh La La

On blemishes:
I squeezed watermelon slices to extreme water form in a bowl. Then splashed it over my face. Left it on for about 6 minutes. Place a warm towel on my face for 1 minute. Rinsed my face off with
warm water. Then rinsed with very cold water and applied a moisterizer.

(Please use your own personal discretion /caution if you are allergic, sensitive or unsure.)

by A PURE APPROACH at The Vitamin Shoppe a thorough product to induce a renewed feeling via your skin with a squeeze of that brilliant sponge. For me, this Loofa's fusion of palm oil, and shea butter compliments the seaweed to make the use of it while bathing, a powerful experience. Seaweed has mineral salts, firms the skin and detoxifies. Leaves skin feeling soft & rejuvenated after each use. If you try it, feel free to write FYF about it.
(Please use your own personal discretion /caution if you are allergic, sensitive or unsure.)


A Beautiful Mind welcomes
1. What keeps you feeling beautiful? Well, I don't feel beautiful, but my guy makes me feel pretty and before I met him, it was a t-shirt, pair of jeans and lip gloss that made me feel beautiful.
2. What was your first favorite job/internship? My first favorite job, well there's a tie. #1, working the drive thru at Taco Bell was the most fun I had working a minimum-wage gig ever. I liked playing with people on the intercom and changing my voice, something about giving someone food felt amazing too which was total life foreshadowing for me. And #2, my fave first gig that wasn't officially a job because I didn't get paid was learning to DJ from an early mentor and then being his crate chick and even having a set at an over 21 club, when I was still in high school.

3. What are yo
ur day to day activities? Pretty boring, I check all my email accounts and then call my agent. We chat for a few then I run errands which are usually things like going to the bodega for my morning paper or dropping off clothes @ the cleaner. I'll read the paper on a bench outside, then do runs to the store for whatever I need. If I have a meeting in the city, I prep for it. Then towards the afternoon I plan dinner and make calls. I work from home doing freelance journalism and television taping has a light schedule, so my daily routine is pretty simple.
What are you most proud of that you've done?
I'm most proud of just being myself. I have lost friends and really pissed some people off, but at the end of the day when my head hits the pillow, I'm so happy I've always stuck to being myself. I also think now that I know the path and now that I know how dirty the music business is, I'm super proud of myself for never doing anything unethical and I'm proud of my
self for making it to HOT 97.
What was the toughest obstacle that you overcame?
I think every time I moved to a new city for career, fitting in and making it work was the toughest obstacle. People can be rude, but I'm tougher.

4. What do you do for fun? I love to read in the park. I love going to the beach with plenty of sunblock on. I love to hang out with friends and cook for friends. I can also have fun doing absolutely nothing.
What new fun thing would you
like to try? I'd like to try a reality show, in someone else's body. Feel me? Like there are shows I'd love to be on, Hell's Kitchen and Top Chef, but I don't want to do it. Well, I do, just in someone else's skin.

5. One thing on my "Life List" is to travel the world with my guy, I've do
ne it alone, now I want someone to enjoy it with.

6. What keeps you grounded in an ever changing world? My best friend Jeff.

7. Put in order of importance from 1 to 3. You prefer a man who Cooks Good, Looks Good and Books Good (does well at his occupation)? And why that order? 1. Cooks Good - because cooking is a life sustaining art, if I should lose my hands or mind, I want my man to sustain me. 2. Books Good - I don't really need a dude to have money on the books, but I love a guy with hustle and determination and drive. 3. Looks Good - People say it, but I really mean it, I could care less what a dude looks like, none of the dudes I've really cared about were guys I'd holla at on the street.

8. Who gave you 1 really good piece of advice and what was it? My girl Fiona, once when I was going through a rough patch, she told me not to worry about money and needing money, as soon as you feel you are about to be broke, something always comes through. The world conspires to help you. I can't tell you how true that was and her words also allowed me to relax and focus on my dreams.

9. What piece of business advice w
ould you like to share? Never do anything unethical. Simple as that. I've seen karma kill people's careers.

10. Champagne, Wine or Sparkling Apple Cider? And why?
Wine I guess, but I'm more of a beer person. (MGD, Sam Adams, Corona)

11. What word would best describe you right now? Happy

A Beautiful Mind welcomes

1. What keeps you feeling beautiful? Yoga, a good sweaty bodyworks class, and the warmth of the summer sun

2. What was your first favorite job/internship?
Creative Summer Intern w/ an ad agency in my home town of Southfield, Michigan
3. What are you day to day activities? My day starts out with a big cup of coffee at 8am and a check of my emails and maybe some research on the net. I try to take care of all my business - dealing with clients, nagging my film producing partner in LA, the gym, etc - before noon or 1pm so I can spend the rest of the day writing until about 7 or 8pm.

What are you most proud of that
you've done? What was the toughest obstacle that you overcame? The thing I'm most proud of to date is being able to hold fast to achieving my dreams to be a gainfully employed screenwriter/playwright though the road has been the most difficult of all my life journeys. As for the toughest obstacle, I believe I'm still climbing over it, but as I get
closer to the next phase in realizing the prize my steps become quicker and less arduous.

4. What do you do for fun?
Reading has been the one constant fun activity since I was a kid so I continue to enjoy it. I also get giddy in the ticket line at the movies because I LOVE going to the movies. After a good movie - or even a bad one - I'm juiced to write when I get home. I also enjoy shopping entirely too much! And cooking - cooking is another activity I consider fun. What new fun thing would you like to try? I can't think of a new activity I would try BUT I'm open to pretty much any new adventure when presented with the opportunity.

5. One thing on my "Life List" is that
I'd like to spend six months to a year living in another country.

6. What keeps you grounded in an ever changing world? The Lord and my struggle to be more Christ like is what keeps me grounded.

7. Put in order of importance from 1 to 3. You prefer a man who Cooks Good, Looks Good and Books Good (does well at his occupation)? And why that order?
Books Good
Looks Good
Cooks Good
A man - especially a Black man - who is at the top of his game in his profession is THE most attractive thing. I'm attracted to talented people in general so I'm just naturally drawn to men who are gifted in their field of business. I chose "looks good" second ONLY because a man's culinary skills are not that important to me since I'm a great cook and really enjoy it. Any other time, looks would be low on the list because a man's morals, intellect, personality, our chemical connection are far more important and last a lot longer than looks.

8. Who gave you 1 really good piece of advice and what was it? My dear friend and poet Aarian Pope once told me I have to behave my way into the things I want in life. Of all the really amazing advice God has brought into my life, that piece is in my top five.
9. What piece of business advice would you like to share?
Don't be a big talker, be a big doer!
Nothing is more foolish than someone who gases you with words about what they're going to do and never make it happen.
10. Champagne, Wine or Sparkling Apple Cider? And why? Actually all are top choices because Champagne makes you giggly and a good giggle is the best dose of medicine; Wine because it's sexy and sophisticated (two things I hope to be considered when I grow up); and Sparkling Apple Cider because there's no threat of a hangover.
11. What word would best describe you right now? Blessed
*LeeLa's Corner*

Hey People;

The Birthday girl is here(August 2nd. HOLLA!) I like how Lady MP put it. Live with some Magic, Mathematics & Motivation... Begin! Believe! Become! Find a new source of inspiration and revitalize your strengths. Live with content and be conscious of your decisions. I will be adding letters during the second week of August. Come back and check on it. See you then:)

Loretta R. WallsOf Virginia

On her new book publishing contract!!

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