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The FIX YA FACE - Inner Beauty & Outer Wellness Blog and myself are humbled by your viewing. Thank you for continuing with us and to the newcomers I say thank you for joining the journey:) At FYF you can find shared fruit recipes, facial ideas, letters to Leela and key words all wrapped up in terms to inspire.Without the proper motivation to precede action towards desired results, we are just clicking our heels like Dorothy from The WIZ (yeah I said the Wiz, lol). But why just wish you were home? Turn your house into a home ( I miss you Sir Luther). Your house is where ever you take that open heart of yours while being purposeful :) You work hard and probably love even harder. Recent decisions and faith created what you know as "today". Love the result or atleast understand the result. That is your fruit. That is your sweat and tears. That can be your individual joy. You can choose to hold it or share it but as T-La Rock once said "IT'S YOURS!" Let me be one of the first to say congratulations to you for the good things that are in store. You deserve it!
And ah... Shout out to My Guy. This September will be another anniversary added to when I wore that white dress on the lake, at that big place and we did that thing in front of all those people ;-) Loving you more than ever.

Enjoy this beautiful month of September guys and girls! Update your a grocery list, update your address book or update that car air freshener. Small changes are completely worth your while and are sure to make you smile (I was not trying to rhyme, lol). AND THAT is how you have fun, have faith and FIX YA FACE! (Have a safe and fun Labor Day)
--Marcella Precise

A BEAUTIFUL MIND welcomes to the interview : Singer/Songwriter, Creator of Abide By The Laues Publishing/EMI, ....ERITZA LAUES . And the General Manager/Buyer for the prestigious Phat Farm/Baby Phat boutique empire ....RUBY MOSHLAK. These Ladies are passionate about their families, progressive in their chosen paths, and fully aware of God's gifts. They are a joy to talk to and I hope you enjoy a glimpse of how they stay focused and grateful.

SHE DID IT!! Passionate, sincere and dedicated women across the world are honored here. Send us an email about 1 you know. Essence Magazine is doing something wonderful on OCTOBER 5th! SOMEONE IS DRESSING (The Stars) FOR SUCCESS !! PLUS WE HAVE BIRTHDAY GIRLS AND NEW MOTHERS!

*LeeLa's Corner* We are living in unpredictable times so embrace the good people, good events and opportunities. Sometimes our approach and emotions cloud our judgement. It's okay to regroup, say sorry but still have you position..Check Leela's letter from a young lady with alot on her mind.

The Fix Ya Face Inner Beauty/Outer Wellness Blog is for those that will do their best to
& Look their best from this point on

As per Ready.Gov, September is National Preparedness Month!
SEPTEMBER-expecting change and
embracing constants ...Saturday September 1, 2007

Good things come to those who...expect good things. Change is coming but constants keep you going:) From temperatures to time clocks. From new teachers to test scores. Thank goodness for taste buds and natures treats. Healthy choices rarely let you down so stick with it.
This September stick with that idea of getting a new jacket, stick with eating more veggies and stick with talking to folks that
you can learn from. I'd like to restate: Fun can be free and so can your mind. Joy is going on right now. Aim to maintain a flexible approach to resolutions and put a listening ear to your own soul. Quickly move away from anything/anyone that promotes demise. There's so much goodness going on:) The new Fruit of The Month has been sticking around all year long on. This firm specimen can be green at times although its used to being refer to as juicy (oh word? lol). When riped and ready, you can use preparation tools to share its goodness. Or hold it in your hand and put your mouth directly on it (uhh-uhh , who the? lol). Skin and all. Yes we are talking about the about the Apple.
Apples can be baked, juiced, mashed, sliced, peeled and at the end of it all- eaten! Your
neighborhood supermarket might have several types of apples. There are thousands of these scrumptious treats. The types that I know of are Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Red Rome, McIntosh,
Winesap and Jonathan.
Apples are said to lower the risk of colon cancer, heart disease, lung cancer and helps to control cholesterol. Apples contain Vitamin C and antioxidants. Try what you like. Like what you try. No time for frowns, doubts or living in question mark all the time. Get some answers. FIX YA FACE. Feel Good. Look Great. And do well out there:)
************************************************************ ***********************Apple Ideas

Apple Juiced:
With cold water, I rinsed 3 Red Delicious apples, 3 Granny Smith apple and 1 pear . I do not peel the fruit. I sliced all the fruits and placed the slices in a bowl. One by one, I drop a sliced into my juicer until all has been juiced and fallen into a quart size container Then I take the fiber/shreds of the fruits and re-enter them in the juicer to get as much juice as I can from the skins. I placed 2 scoops of the remaining pulp, along with ice, into the juiced remains. Put a top on the container then shake well. Served on the day of juicing. I drank it on a empty stomach with various salads for brunch and dinner.

(Please use your own personal discretion /caution if you are allergic, sensitive or unsure.)

*********************************** ****************************************** ******
by PHILOSOPHY at Sephora has captured me. The vigorous usage of the scrub delightfully tinkles my legs and arms. I was overheard saying that I would be having apple as the Fruit of The Month before summers end and surprisingly was given this in June. I love the peacefully sweet scent and exfoliating effect. Contains Algae Extract and Salt based with glycerin. If you try it, feel free to write FYF about it.
(Please use your own personal discretion /caution if you are allergic, sensitive or unsure.)

A Beautiful Mind welcomes
1. What keeps you feeling beautiful? Eating right, exercise and laughing!

2. What was your first favorite job/internship? Songwriter! (of course).

3. What are your day to day activities? The first thing I do when I get up is thank God for life and all the beautiful things he's blessed me with. I've recently found out the importance of keeping physic
ally fit so I run 2 miles everyday either in morning or when the sun goes down, depending on what time I have a session. Then I hit the studio and get on my grind! I just returned from a 3 week trip to Europe doing what I love--writing.

What are you most proud of that you've done? One of the most proud things I've done career wise is write songs for the King and Queen of pop music, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston!
What was the toughest obstacle that you overcame? I don't think that I have overcome my toughest obstacle yet.

4. What do you do for fun? I'm HUGE on family and friends so I look forward to family functions and I love having friends over for game nig ht and martin i's! What new fun thing would you like to try? Traveling is always fun for me so just taking like 4 of my favorite buddies and flying to a new spot somewhere on the globe!

5. One thing on my Life List is a trip around the world! It's so amazing to see how other people live around the world! and I MUST experience a safari in Africa before I die!
6. What keeps you grounded in an ever changing world? God! and la familia!
7. Put in order of importance from 1 to 3. You prefer a man who Cooks Good, Looks Good and Books Good (does well at his occupation)?
Well neither of these three things are top 3 for me when it comes to a man but if I had to put them i n order: Books Good, Looks Good, and Cooks Good. I think its important for a man to feel like he can provide, it makes him happy therefore making the relationship balanced. Second, Hey! I just like beauty! and Third, I'm Latina and in my culture women do most of the cooking so its not a big whoop if a man can't cook.
8. Who gave you 1 really good piece of advice and what was it? Run You OWN race! I can't stress that enough! Don't compete with other people, there is always going to be somebody richer, more attractive, slimmer, etc.. so you will kill your s elf trying to keep up with the Jones's . And would you really want to wast e your life running someone else's race? Instead set your OWN life goals and stick to them. You'll live a much more happier life.
9. What piece of business advice would you like to share? Always try to keep good business will see or need people (and vice versa) again. Its a very small world!

10. Champagne, Wine or Sparkling Apple Cider? And why? Champagne! Most potent!
11. What word would best describe you right now? Focused!

A Beautiful Mind welcomes

  1. What keeps you feeling beautiful? What is your favorite song right now and why?What keeps me feeling beautiful is being beautiful inside. My favorite song right now is Collie Budz haters.
  2. What was your first favorite job/internship? My favorite internship was for Michelle Williams at New Music Seminar. It was my first taste of the music business. Michelle was fearless and always kept me under her wing
  3. What are you day to day activities? What are you most proud of that you've done? My day to day activities are running the Phat Farm and Baby Phat retail division, and being a mother to a lovely 11 year old daughter. She is what makes me pr oud, how I’ve raised her is the ultimate success.
  4. What do you do for fun? What new fun thing would you like to try? For for I like to be by the ocean and in it. I’d love to try to scuba dive
  5. One Thing On my Life List is to give give give. God gives to the giver.
  6. What keeps you grounded in an ever changing world?My purs uit of happiness and the miracle of life. I love my family
  7. Put in order of importance from 1 to 3. You prefer a man who Cooks Good, Looks Good and Books Good (does
    well at his occupation)? And why that order?
    These aren’t my top 3 of qualities in a man sorry.
  8. Who gave you 1 really good piece of advice and what was it? Steve Stout once said return every call. I try to do that in my professional life and I’m improving on that in my personal life
  9. What piece of business advice would you like to share? You get out what you put in. It all takes work, don’t be scuured embrace it!
  10. Champagne, Wine or Sparkling Apple Cider? Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry? sparkling cider and I love chocolate
  11. What word would best describe you right now?Grateful
*LeeLa's Corner*

Happy Happy Anniversary to My Sister, My Friend Marcella Precise & Her Maan:)

Focus on your aim. Aim to be your personal best. The rest is beyond your control!!

Hi Leela;

I'm a young single parent that's been renting all my adult life. I'd love to buy a condo as a oppose to a house. My parents (my 4 year old son's grandparents) is stressing the house thing. Talking about small space condos and me moving a state away, yada yada. I love them but where are the kind words and good expectations? Please advise. Oh and I love the themed/peaceful pics here. Thank you. ---Carolina Of The South


Hi there Carolina Of The South;
Congratulations to you for being in a position to buy a house or condo. Praises go up. Make a list of the Pros/Cons and discuss -WITH YOURSELF- the options for both the house and condo, as wonderful opportunities.Then you might be able to relay a thorough yet pleasant perspective that your parents can respect. It is ultimately your choice. Maybe your parents are worried about change and missing you, even though the reason is a step for your future. Also, if their grandchild's smile/laughter/hugs is something that they must have on a daily, they may not be ready to let go of that as well:) Take all things in consideration. Such as costs, homeowner maintenance budgets, transportation, schooling for your son, condo amenities, neighborhoods, your emotions when making decisions and family visits to both states. Eitherway there sounds like a lot of love involved and you can't go wrong. -----LeeLa


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