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The FIX YA FACE - Inner Beauty & Outer Wellness Blog is very proud of receiving lovely responses within the first month of launching. I'm especially delighted by the number of gentlemen that have referred this blog to the ladies in their lives. (We see you Guys!). I always say that success is a circle, held together by a chain of positive people. And I'm glad that we have connected.

TIME TO SPEAK UP & THINK UP!! Spring up in to action! Spring is here and YOU ARE HERE! I speak in terms of living forward because I plan to walk in the plan, that is being placed before me as I go along. My smile means that I expect better while I respect my present position. I am expecting myself to eat up more healthy foods, continue to stir up lots of FUN with my husband while keeping my encouragement up that I have for him along his life's journey, spice up my workout (ya girl could stand to take a yoga class or two, lol) and live in a motivational state of mind. Allow the Joy of your life to begin within. That Joy will reflect on your outer being and your face. Have fun. Have faith and FIX YA FACE! (Have a blessed Easter)
-Marcella Precise

A Beautiful Mind
welcomes Tamara Johnson-George & Lynn Hoffman to the interview chair. They are not only good friends of mines, they are multi-talented women with a great sense of humor that knows all things are possible.
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The Fix Ya Face Inner Beauty/Outer Wellness Blog is for those that will do their best to
& Look their best from this point on

As per, APRIL is National Poetry Month!
APRIL Showers Hope... Sunday April 1, 2007

Hope brings possibilities this APRIL and idea of possibilities bring success.

What a wonderful month we have had here! I don't know about you, but only an April fool would loose focus of the blessings that they have in this lifetime. Especially in this unpredictable but beautiful April that is upon us! A time for new money, new love, new gym memberships and YES a new Fruit of The Month. So when we talk about a mouth watering, juicy, firm skinned, home grown masterpiece that you need two hands to really handle- (Stop the madness, lol) we are talking about oranges. Time to break out the juicer. LET'S GO!
Oranges at my neighborhood market are Manderin (sweet/lighter in skin color), Navel (large oval shaped/easy to peel) and Tangerine (deep orange shaded skin/has many seeds inside).
Oranges contain Calcium for bone maintenance, the night vision helper Vitamin A, the skin bruise healer Vitamin C and Folate, which they say helps to prevent heart disease. Juicy Juicy AND good for the body? It's no wonder that I just want to grab and squeeze it. (Be eeeasy, lol) Below are 2 ways that I'm enjoying oranges this month. Don't frown, doubt or think downward. FIX YA FACE and try it. Feel Good. Look Great. And do well out there:)

Orange Puree Pleasure Juiced 4 oranges, juiced 1 lime seperately, for fresh juice(do not juice the skin). Used blender to mix (to a soft puree)-8 strawberries, 1 cup of raspberries, orange juice, lime juice, 3 tablespoons of sugar. Then stirred in a little more sugar & orange juice. I crushed ice and pour a 1/2 cup of seltzer with 1/2 cup of the puree.They say it's best to have sugar in moderation so don't overdue it if you try it:)
Orange/Yogurt Face FreezeChill yogurt for 10 minutes. Use 1 tablespoon of it. Stir yogurt up with 1/3 cup of orange juice. Sat with my head back. Used my hand to smooth all around my face. Left mixture on for about 5 minutes. Washed it off with warm water-then cold water. Felt renewed and ready for the day!!

(Please use your own personal discretion /caution if you are allergic, sensitive or unsure.)



Lip Amplifier by JUICE ORGANICS a product that I tried due LeeLa's recommendation of the line. I like the staying power of the gloss and it makes my lips feel soft. Serves double duty for me with natural ingredients at a low cost. It's made of (but not limited to) orange juice, aloe leaf juice, sweet orange pure essential oil & honey. Has a cozy aroma in my opinion. Glad to be UP on it now. Cozy and soft....yeah I like this:)


A Beautiful Mind welcomes SWV's Tamara Johnson-George

1. What makes you feel beautiful? A clean smooth face. Even when I have on my night scarf & no make-up. I feel very beautiful if I look in the mirror, my skin is glowing and it has a clean smooth finish.

2. What was your first job/internship?
At 16 years old I was a cashier at Wendy's.

3. What are you day to day activities?
Depending on whether or not if I am home in Nashville my day varies. If I'm not doing a show, an appearance, working on my first book that I have co-written with my best friend Katrina Chambers called PlayerhateHER: Why Can't Women Just Get Along!, shooting my tv show for TV One or following one of my husbands' endeavors my day to day activities start with me getting my 2 year old up, fed & ready for school. I'm still on the quest to find my 20 year old body so I head to the gym for about two hours to find her.

Then I go home to catch up on things that I couldn't do while I was out of town such as bills, house cleaning, bank runs, typical household duties. I consider being at home to be my down time and I try to spend as much of it with my son. I'm blessed to be able to do that.

4. What do you do for fun?
For fun I typically like to visit my favorite restaurant in Nashville called Monell's Southern Cuisine. I truly believe that it was in this restaurant that I lost my twenty year old body. Lol! I also love catching up on the latest movies. Mostly, I love sitting on my sofa watching soapnet. You never really lose the storyline.

One thing that's on my "Life List" is to make it to Oprah Winfrey's couch.

6. What keeps you grounded in an ever changing world?
The one thing that keeps me grounded in an ever changing world is remembering what life was like before I was blessed to be a part of SWV and my husbands' wife. Being lonely and broke is not cool!

7. When you are about to be approached, does your face say "Classy", "Sassy" or "He'd Better Not Ask Me"?
I believe my face says "Classy with a pinch of Sassy". Before I got married I would try to leave something to the imagination without throwing it all away.

8. Who inspires you and why?
My sons inspire me. Everything I do, I do for them. I always want my boys to use my life as an positive example of what to do. I want them to always feel like I can make everything better. Everyday I strive to be the best I can be for my boys. I never want to let them down.

9. Champagne, Wine or Sparkling Apple Cider?
I would prefer good old fashion water with a twist of lemon but if I have to choose one it would be the sparkling apple cider.

10. What word would best describe you?

A Beautiful Mind welcomes VH1's Lynn Hoffman
1. What makes you feel beautiful? I'd have to say whenever I remind myself to tell myself that I am. There is nothing like the power of positive thinking to remind ourselves how beautiful we truly are inside and out. We all should do it more often. Its not easy sometimes to find it within, but the more you listen the more you can hear it. Of course.....a good nights sleep, a really great fitting pair of jeans and a good hair day can also do the trick! LOL
2. What was your first job/internship? Dunkin Donuts back when they actually had waitresses, a store called Shoes by Laura, or a One hour Photo Shop. My first internship was at a radio station in Quincy Massachusetts WJDA.
3. What are you day to day activities? I guess it really depends on the day. Since I opted for a freelance career in Television, Radio and Voice-overs, working takes a LOT of physical and emotional energy, so my days seem to range drastically from Non-Stop craziness to absolutely nothing!
4. What do you do for fun? Relax as much as possible, Hang out with my best friends, visit my parents in Florida, cook, travel, shop, take long walks.
5. One thing on my "Life List" is to always continue to grow as a person and learn from my mistakes.
6. What keeps you grounded in an ever changing world? First, My family and close friends. Second, attempting to live by the following motto "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you chose to deal with it." Also turning off the 24 Hour news channels. Those things along with the fact that I told everyone important to me in my life to take me out and shoot me if I ever got too big for my britches!

7. When you are about to be approached, does your face say "Classy", "Sassy" or "He'd Better Not Ask Me"? Classy & Sassy! Come on.... isn't that the best combination?
8. Who inspires you and why? Anyone willing to give of themselves in anyway to help make this world better. My parents for being strong and successful in life. My talented brother for finding happiness/fulfillment in life. My boyfriend who has such drive, passion and selflessness along with an incredible will to succeed. Sheila for being a fantastic mother, wife, friend and full time engineer. Sean a selfless tremendous life force, full of wisdom beyond his years. Scott who's ability to laugh in the face of continuous adversity is infectious. Teachers, firemen, servicemen... don't think I need to explain why there.
9. Champagne, Wine or Sparkling Apple Cider? Wine.
10. What word would best describe you? Happy!
*LeeLa's Corner*

Hi There;

Sunshine, Sun Flowers and SunScreen
. Let's go!

The power of faith can be stronger than anything man made..

HI Ms. LeeLa. Shout to the Tennessee universities and all! I have a soon to be ex friend. She been going on & on for a year about how she doesn't see this trifling guy anymore, that got a girl in my complex pregnant 2 years ago and he lives with the girl to this day. But now 2 weeks before my soon to be ex-friends baby shower I'm finding out, by mistake from her sister, that she is NOT pregnant by her ex-boyfriend in the service. She is pregnant by this dude that she lies to us about, says he's corny, a cheat and says she despises. I've been around her these whole 8 months of her pregnancy. I'M HURT. What kind of friend is she to keep that a secret? Were we every really friends? Should I go to the baby shower and pretend to be okay with this craziness? Before this guy, our whole crew only cared about class, books and part-time jobs. Down here trying to get our education but this baby has changed all our lives. I feel mixed emotions at once.
Ex To The Next....girrl..breathe.. Ms. LeeLa (as you called me, lol) has to give you KUDOS for being such a caring, supportive and unconditional friend. AND focusing on your studies- do your thing Miss Thang:) Don't lose a friend when you can gain some understanding. Let's look at it from her perspective for a minute. Here she is, pregnant, in love and in lust. I guess this young man's lips are the only things that she's reading. Maybe she felt that, her telling you would not only disappoint you, but show just how unworthy she is to be your friend from her perspective , of course. With that said, you should call your friend, tell her how disappointed you are that she felt she couldn't come to you, and she should never feel she has to carry such a heavy load alone again. Tell her you are her friend unconditionally and continue to support her and her baby...LAWD KNOWS she will need it. BY all means, get that degree that you are there for! Finish what you've started, obviously she's doing the same. Be blessed

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